How to Troubleshoot Of Roku Media Stick

Troubleshooting Of Roku Media Stick

Roku has recently released a diminutive Roku stick for everyone. Roku is advancing forward through all measures in order to get better from the new version. The newer one is faster, lighter and its processor speed is 8 times faster than the first generation stick released a year ago.

Users prefer to go with that product which is cheap and delivers high-performance output. This is the reason why all the 3: Chromecast, Roku and amazon fire stick are too much famous in the market. While using the Roku stick we sometimes encountered a problem with a stick that Roku not working properly. This has to be resolved so as to restore its functioning. In this blog, we will help you in troubleshooting the various issues that you face or come across while using the Roku stick. Some of the issues are discussed below.

  1. Roku remote not working: If your remote is not responding at once and not joining up properly then we have arranged troubleshooting steps to fix your issue. These are defined below:
  • Replace the batteries of your remote immediately. You can check the old battery by placing a remote near to the stick. If it works from there then it is certainly a fault of the battery.
  • Ensure that the Roku sensor is clear from any obstruction because the beam of IR light from remote directly focused on the Roku IR receiver.
  • Pressing the hidden pairing button will also help you in fixing your problem. This button is abutted inside the battery cover of a remote. Before pressing it to unplug the Roku for 10-15 seconds then re-plug it.
  1. Roku HDCP Unauthorized Content Disabled: first of all we will let you know about HDCP which means high bandwidth digital content protection. It strictly keeps away the pirate’s contents from streaming devices. In case you observed ‘Hdcp unauthorized Roku’ on-screen then you will follow the below steps to fix it. These steps will surely help you.
  • Unplug the Roku from TV and switch it off for 15 seconds. Re-plug it after 15 seconds and turn on the power. Roku will take time to connect after reconnecting.
  • If the problem still exists then check your hardware connections.
  • Check your HDMI cable and bypass every equipment by connecting it directly to a TV.
  • If your HDMI cable is loose then replace it with a new one.
  • Try the new HDMI port for a new HDMI cable.

If the problem still continues then contact the Roku support center.

3. Unable to connect to a wireless network: Roku is a great stick and is easy to setup. During the setup, it sometimes struggled to connect to a Wi-Fi network. Whenever you entered a password for Wi-Fi, your Roku will simply show Roku Error Code 014 as a popup message just like you have entered wrong password details. If you are also one of them who is facing the same issue then here’s the solution to it. Different options are available for you to fix the problem.


Disable your network connection with server: to disable the connection, press the following button on your Roku remote. Press home button 5 times then fast forward >play>rewind>play>fast forward. From the menu, select disable my network ping option. You will able to fix the problem then.

  • Update your software: if you are unable to see the disable option on the current version of Roku software then update it through the following steps.
  • Connect to another network for internet connection via hotspot or via Ethernet cable.
  • Once you established an alternate connection, pick up your Roku remote and press the button in the following sequence. Home button 5 times, then FFx3 times and then the RRx2 times. Select the update option after you navigate into it and wait for the device to complete the update process completely.
  • Repeat step one after the completion of a software update to disable network ping.
  • Once you successfully disabled your network utility tool, you will able to connect to your Wi-Fi easily without any problem.

We suppose that these steps are helpful for you and you will not face the same problem again.

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