How to Troubleshoot Of Roku Media Stick

Troubleshooting Of Roku Media Stick Roku has recently released a diminutive Roku stick for everyone. Roku is advancing forward through all measures in order to get better from the new version. The newer one is faster, lighter and its processor speed is 8 times faster than the first generation stick released a year ago. Users […]

How To Configure An American Roku Box Outside The United States?

What are the requirements: All the things you need to start the process are discussed below: Roku box or stick: This is an official Roku device. A compatible DNS service that should work during the set-up stage as well as with the channels. A router with DNS configured settings.   Now we are going to […]

Roku Error Codes +Troubleshooting

Roku Troubleshooting & Roku Not Connecting to WiFi Network? Don’t Worry! We Would Help You Out Roku players have become the primary source of high quality and unorthodox entertainment. Roku players come with remote control, which is used to manage the volume, channels, and play, pause, stop, forward, skip and reverse any movie and TV […]

How To Troubleshoot Internet Connection Issues In Your Roku Player & Roku player freezes?

There are various reasons for the Roku player freezes to be in a non-functional state. Out of all the issues, the issue related to a bad internet connection is perhaps the most common one. There could be a number of reasons behind the bad connection between a Roku player and the internet network. So, what […]

How To Access YouTube On Roku Without Any Issue?

Access YouTube On Roku People who wish to access youtube on roku or watch high quality movies and TV shows log onto YouTube. But YouTube is not present on Roku platform. So, how are they going to use it? Well, the answer to this question is explained below in the blog post. Go check out […]