How do i fix roku connectivity issues

Fixed: How do I reconnect my Roku to Wi-Fi? You can try to reconnect the Roku to the Wi-Fi if there is an issue. For this, you can follow the steps to complete the setup. Press and hold the home button on the Roku remote. In the menu open the settings option and then go […]

Learn how to resolve Roku Error Code 018

Learn how to resolve Roku Error Code 018 Resolve Roku Error code 018: Connectivity issue: Check Primary Network Connection: Question: “Resolve Roku Error code 018″ Carefully check that is your internet is working perfectly?.  If YES, That means this is error code 018 on Roku. Answer: If devices not connecting through the wireless network you […]

Roku Error Code 018

Why Roku error code 018 occurs? Roku error code 018 will occur when your Roku device detects slow internet speeds. Make sure you check with your ISP to know what speed connection you have subscribed to. You can upgrade to a better internet connection. Roku Error 018 is a common error faced by people while […]

Roku error code 017

What is Roku Error Code 017? Roku Error code 017 is a common error in the Roku streaming devices, and it occurs when your Roku device detects poor wireless signal strength. How to Solve Roku Error Code 017? Follow the on-screen instructions to solve Error code 017 on Roku & try moving your Roku device […]

Roku Error Code 016

Roku Error Code 016 Setting up the Roku is a very straightforward process. You select your language, connect to the WiFi and activate your device. Many users while setting up the Roku, run into Error Code 016. This is an internet-related error and honestly a hurdle to the setup process. Error code 016, might also […]

Roku Error Code 013

  What should I do if I cannot connect to my home network Tulsa Fixing a Roku error code 013 is mandatory but before this, let’s focus on what it is? This is especially an ethernet related error. You need to check if your router is working properly or not. In this situation, you should […]

Roku error code 012

Why Roku error code 012 occurs? Roku Error code 012 is specifically an Ethernet-related error. This occurs in the Roku streaming devices. Ethernet is the traditional technology for connecting wired local area networks (LANs), enabling devices to communicate with each other via a protocol- a set of rules or common network language. Likewise, when there […]

Roku Error Code 011

What should I do if I see Error Code 011 (Cannot connect to Roku)? Resolve Roku Error code 011 This guide will help you out. When some users regularly use the Roku device, they face error code 011 Roku “cannot connect to Roku”. The Roku error 011 also means that the software update has failed […]

Roku Error Code 009

What is error code 009 on Roku? Roku Error Code 009 quick fix USA. Roku player is a streaming device that will help you in providing the video content that may be movies, news, sports, serials and much more entertainment with the help of internet connections. Roku error code 009 occurs when your Roku device […]