Roku Link Code Activation – Installation Process

There are certain basic requirements that users need to keep in mind before they move on with the installation process and getting the Roku link code activation. A standard TV or HD TV. If users want to play HD movies and shows, then they need to have an HD TV. Any of the five versions of […]

How to setup Google Play movies

What’s up Roku users, well if you’re getting bored? Then time to bring some movies and television shows on your Roku platform. Here we have some facile steps regarding the setup of Google Play Movies and TV on Roku. Alright, Roku users, now it’s time to order some movies and shows, you can enjoy the […]

How To Troubleshoot Internet Connection Issues In Your Roku Player & Roku player freezes?

There are various reasons for the Roku player freezes to be in a non-functional state. Out of all the issues, the issue related to a bad internet connection is perhaps the most common one. There could be a number of reasons behind the bad connection between a Roku player and the internet network. So, what […]

Roku Remote Not Working : Troubleshooting Steps

Roku has recently released a diminutive Roku stick for everyone. Roku is advancing forward through all measures in order to get better from new version. The newer one is faster, lighter and its processor speed is 8 times faster than the first generation stick released year ago. Users prefer to go with that products which […]

Roku Link Code Activation Process

Change is the only truth about the life. Things that are new today will become old tomorrow. Gone are the days when people used to say, ‘the cable technology is perhaps the best for entertainment seekers like us’ because we now see a variety of products that offer a lot more than what a cable […]

How To Add Dove Channel To Your Roku Platform

If you don’t how to add Dove channel to your Roku platform then follow these facile steps or get in touch with Roku professionals. As we all with the United States’ favorite streaming device, Roku. This astonishing streaming device provides us a huge bag of entertainment. You can easily stream your favorite content via different […]

TV Screen is blank with No Video/Picture from Roku Streaming Player

Roku Streaming Player Issue : Users may experience picture/video outages on their TV screen due to a cut in the feed coming from your Roku Streaming player and will only see a blank screen with no video/picture. Double check if the Power light on the Roku Streaming Player is glowing solid. This will confirm that […]

Roku Player Setup and Troubleshooting

Resolve Roku Player Setup and Troubleshooting issues: Sometimes Roku Name or Logo is kept dancing on your TV screen. If Roku is jumping on your screen then you need to press an okay button from your Roku remote setup. Resolve Roku Player Setup A warning comes up, unable to connect to the internet or gives […]

How To Setup Roku Device – It allows you to do an easy Roku online device setup It says that linking your Roku account with Roku is easy by using But there is a step by step process to set up your Roku Player. Before linking your account with Roku player you should have: A Standard or HD […]