Setting up a Roku player is basic, with only two or three things to decide previously.

Stage 1: To Setting up a Roku player determine which sound/video association with use:


  • The following are the basic sound and video association types accessible on most TVs. Which are accessible on your TV?
  • HDMI, if accessible, is prescribed. A solitary HDMI link can convey both video and sound signals. It bolsters up to 1080p HD video playback on Roku players that are 1080p good.
  • Composite backings standard definition as it were. It requires the utilization of a simple (RCA) sound association. A mix composite and simple sound link is incorporated with each Roku player.


Stage 2: Determine which systems administration type to utilize to Setting up a Roku player:


  • Will you utilize wired or remote systems administration to interface you Roku player to your Internet association?
  • Wireless (All models) – This is the most mainstream approach to associate a Roku player. Make sure you have the fitting remote system name (SSID) and your remote security secret key, on the off chance that you utilize one.
  • Wired (Roku XS model) – You will require a standard Ethernet link (excluded).


Stage 3: To Setting up a Roku player Connect to your TV


  • HDMI – Insert one finish of the HDMI link into a HMDI-IN port of your TV. Addition the other end of the HDMI link into the HDMI port on back of your the Roku player. Snap here for additional data about HDMI links.
  • Composite – Insert the yellow/white/red composite video and simple sound associations from one finish of the link into the comparing A/V-in ports on your TV. Supplement the 3.5mm connector on the opposite finish of the link into the rear of your Roku player. Note: Do not interface your Roku player through a VCR. Video signals sustained through VCRs might be influenced by copyright insurance frameworks and the image will be twisted on your TV.


Stage 4: Connect to your system to setup Roku player


  • Remote (All models) – If you will utilize a remote system association, ensure you know your remote system name (SSID) and the your remote security secret phrase, on the off chance that you utilize one.
  • Wired (Roku XS model) – If you will utilize a wired association, interface one finish of an Ethernet organize link to the Ethernet port on back of the Roku player.
  • The opposite end to an accessible Ethernet port on your switch.


Stage 5. Turn it on and begin!


  • Associate the force connector into the Roku player and the divider outlet. The Roku player will boot up and show the accompanying arrangement of screens:
  • Roku – beginning, if you don’t mind pause.
  • Roku – propelling home screen.
  • Welcome to the Roku player.
  • Press “alright” to start.
  • Settings – you will be given 2 alternatives to interface the player to your switch:
  • Wired (Roku XS model) – Use an Ethernet link (excluded) to interface your player to your switch.
  • Click the “wired” alternative to proceed.
  • Wireless (All models) – on the resulting screens, you will choose your remote organize name and enter security secret phrase for your remote system.
  • Click the “remote” alternative to proceed.
  • Upon fruitful system association, the Roku player will at that point naturally download.
  • Also, introduce the most recent programming.
  • After the product update, the player will reboot.


Stage 6: Complete the guided arrangement


  • Simply adhere to the on-screen directions.
  • After the restart, you will be approached to choose your time zone.
  • Changes to your right time zone at that point select “done.”
  • The following screen will show a novel code to connect your Roku player.
  • Open a program session on a PC or Mac.
  • Go to
  • Enter the code showed by your Roku player on your TV.
  • Log into your Roku account or make another Roku account.
  • Follow all means, including setting an installment strategy.
  • Choosing your underlying channel lineup, to finish the connecting procedure.
  • When connected, your Roku player will invigorate to a congrats screen and be prepared for use.


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Setting up a Roku player

Roku Setup

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