Instructions to Access Secret Roku TV Menu On Your Roku Device

Learn and Access Secret Menus On Your Roku Device

We can’t get enough of our Roku TV Menu On Your Roku permit, which permits us to stream our most loved music, motion pictures and TV demonstrates specifically to our TVs.
With only a couple of snaps (or summons), clients can pull up their most loved channels like Netflix or HBO Go, or scan for precisely what they are searching for in view of the title, on-screen character or chief. This should be possible utilizing the Roku versatile application, the new voice looks or by means of the remote.
Be that as it may, in any case on the off chance that you at present have a Roku 4 set-top box or a Roku TV, there are constantly some new tips and traps to figure out how to make us spilling experts.
For instance, there are a couple of mystery menu screens that can be gotten to by utilizing the Roku remote. Clients are careful: there is a chance that you’ll mess up the settings and manufacturing plant reset in the event that you are not watchful when playing around with these concealed screens.
Before we get into how to get to these mystery menus, it’s essential to know the key catches on the remote. Clearly, the directional bolts compare with the course the client needs to move in, for example, up or down and left and right. Another more clear catch is the “Home” catch, which is situated at the upper left of the remote. Nonetheless, other key catches utilized as a part of these menus are the “Converse Scan” catch that has the rewind symbol, the “Play/Pause” catch situated underneath “alright,” and the “Forward Scan” catch that elements the quick forward symbol.

Learn Secret Menus On Your Roku TV Device for Roku TV Menu

Press the Home button five times, press the Fast Forward (FF) three times, press the Rewind (RW) button twice.
This menu will allow you to factory reset, run a USB test, and update the server or software. Use this one at your own risk.
Press Home five times, Up direction, RW twice, FF twice.
This will reboot your Roku device.
Press Home five times, Up, Down, Up, Down, Up.
This code will bring up a secret Wi-Fi menu to see things like signal strength.
Press Home five times, FF, Down, RW, Down, FF.
This will give you access to a hidden antenna menu.
Press Home five times, RW three times, FF twice.
•This will bring up a bit rate menu where you can see quality settings and set bitrates.
Press Home three-time, Up twice, Left, Right, Left, Right, Left.
This code will give access to the channel info menu.
Press Home three times, Up twice, Right, Left, Right, Left, Right.
This will give you access to developer mode.
Press Home five times, Up, Right, Down, Left, Up.
This hidden screen will allow you to remove auto-pair, cycle screenshot, cycle ad-banner, log theme info.

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