Roku tips and tricks: How to get the best out of your TV streamer

If you’re a Roku user, then here we have some “Roku tips and tricks” for you. Try these with your streaming device plus if you’re looking for a better solution regarding any technical mess which annoys your Roku device, then ring up the professionals.

Roku is the popular and powerful streaming device among the dwellers of the United States and we all are well familiar with the amazing functionality and features of this streaming device. If you’re a Roku user then here we have some Roku tips and tricks for you. Below are the tips you can try with your Roku device.

Roku tips and tricks:

  1. Hidden Channels

Roku hasn’t officially approved the private channels, but still, many Roku users are enjoying them and if you want to enjoy the content of those channels then first install a private channel, simply navigate to Roku website the fill up your suitable credentials and select ‘Add a private channel’. Keep that in mind that each and every channel has its own access code, so to get access you need to enter that code. On,,, and you can find the private channels.

  1. Using your television as art:

Well, you can set up screensavers that give your television a look of giant digital art. You will get many themes and screen savers on your Roku, you just need to go the Settings menu and then you can select the theme or saver accordingly for your television screen.

  1. Your mobile and voice are just like a remote:

You just need the Roku app in your mobile and you can easily find your favorite content, and good thing is that you are free from the typing process, your voice is enough for the searching. Your app follows your verbal command.

      4. Get updates (movies and shows)

Now Roku users will get the latest updates (movies and shows), just step ahead to the ‘My Feed’ section so you can choose your desired movies and television shows. Roku will pop up with alerts if any latest arrives on its platform.

      5. Cast from YouTube and Netflix

If you have the built-in cast buttons on your YouTube and Netflix, then you can watch the digital content on your phone, tablet, or personal computer, tap fling it to your streaming device Roku. From where you left off, the box will stream directly from there. For more info stay tuned to Roku or get in touch with professionals.

  1. Stream your downloaded content from laptop or computer
  2. Cast from your smartphone
  3. Hide the player
  4. Roku is child-friendly (use a pin)
  5. Share your setup across devices
  6. Get more storage

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