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Issue: Setting it up Roku Streaming stick

Setup Roku Streaming Stick

Roku streaming stick version 2.0 is an updated version of its vintage streaming stick. Though Setup streaming stick 1 also works fine, it has its lags, thanks to moderate specs and old OS as mentioned on Roku com that stick 1 will not be worth operating after 8 months with next update of OS 7.

Issue: Roku Setting it up


Roku OS 7 flies on Roku 4 and Roku stick 2 while on older stick with Roku com link, it lags a lot. It also had minimal specs so it does not support overhauled and updated apps. If you are an owner of older stick or if you want something which looks as Chromecast but is twice as badass, this stick is for you at $50 in market with Roku Link.

Roku has also thrown in a smart remote with it. This remote controller has everything like flagship remote controller of Roku 4 except for a headphone jack for private listening as mentioned on Roku help. If you want to do so, just install Roku app in your smart phone, and since Roku stick runs on Roku os7, users can just pop in their earphones in their phones and audio will be streamed free of latency as users reported on www Roku com support. This is how we setup Roku stick 2

Powering it up Roku Streaming stick

Roku stick comes with a USB port for powering up. It is connected with Roku using a flat cable. If you want to power it using your TV, you can connect the USB in TV, however if you want to power it for most of the time even when TV is off, connect it with a power brick to a socket and it will be ON. Since it is not one of the fastest booting up devices, it is preferably to power it from an external power source.

Connecting to display Roku Streaming stick

This Roku stick has a HDMI2 male port to be connected to your TV. Just push it and plug it into your TV. This HDMI port is connected to the stick like a thumb drive’s mouth. So in any case if your TV is mounted on a wall and HDMI port is in the back rather than on the side, you have ran out of luck. These are the types of situations when flexible cabled design of Google Chrome cast is successful. However most of the TVs have an HDMI port in side and even if they don’t have it, just use a HDMI extender and you are good to go.


Software set up: Roku account Setup


It is basically very easy and straight forward including security from Roku link code. If you are an existing user then just login, if not then use your remote control to operate on screen keyboard to sign up using virtual keyboard. Though remote has that vintage classic feel with click mechanism buttons and easy holding. It is preferable to use a smartphone to type in your credentials. It is a lot faster and easier. You might also think about switching permanently to smartphone. But surely you would not want to stare at your phone’s screen more than TV after Roku Streaming Stick setup.


Final touches on Roku Streaming Stick


Just select the home Wi-Fi, sharing options, admin rights, credit card information protection and multi factor authentication to protect your data. You can also set if you want Roku to learn your pattern of TV viewing and pre-cache those videos which it thinks you will watch or not. Since it is also totally customizable you can use unnecessary bloat ware and bring apps which you use the most to top of home menu.


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