TV Screen is blank with No Video/Picture from Roku Streaming Player

Roku Streaming Player Issue :

Users may experience picture/video outages on their TV screen due to a cut in the feed coming from your Roku Streaming player. Will only see a blank screen with no video/picture. Double-check if the Power light on the Roku Streaming Player is glowing solid. This will confirm that the Streaming Player receives power and is functioning.

Solution :

The Primary Troubleshooting focuses on connectivity issues between Roku Streaming Player and the TV. Make certain that the Roku Player has a direct connection to the TV and is not routed through an Audio Video Receiver (AVR). Disconnection of AVR is an essential step to rule out any problems with AVR devices that may be the root cause of this issue.

Before initiating a troubleshooting process, check if the TV is on and the Roku device is not in a standby state. Press any button on the Roku remote to wake up the device from Screensaver or Standby state if necessary. Some of the common causes for this issue are documented below 

Incorrect Input or Source Selection on the Television 

One of the simplest and usual mistakes that users do is the incorrect selection of Input or Source on their TV and disregard the precise port to which the Roku player is connected. Modern TVs have various input ports for connecting numerous players and gaming consoles which confuses the users in selecting the exact port where the Roku Streaming device is connected.

Make a quick examination of the input port on the TV. Which will have clear labels such as HDMI 1, HDMI 2 or AUX/VIDEO IN 1. Identify the Input connection from Roku Streaming Player and ensure you select the same Input on the TV.

The mode of selection of Input or Source varies with various brands and models of TV. The modality slightly varies with each of them but all the TV Remotes have a button to access and select the suitable input. If you are still doubtful, you can refer to the TV manual to locate this button. Some of the below instructions will most likely work.

Locate a Button on the TV remote with any of these buttons. Input, Source, Aux, Video, TV/Video or comparable buttons. Press the button to open the input list on screen and use the same between to toggle between various options. In various other TV’s, after pressing the Input (Source) button, Arrow buttons will help you to choose and make the selection from an array of input options.

Allow at least 10 seconds between every button press for the TV to detect the video feed from the Streaming Player. If the menu of input options is shown, use the Enter or Select button on the remote to select one at a time and wait for 10 seconds as usual for the video to be detected. 

Defective Cable or imperfect Cable connection: 

Ensure that the HDMI cable connection is firm and properly seated on the Roku player as well as the HDMI/Composite Input port on the TV. The Users of Roku Streaming stick can directly plug into the HDMI port and secure it.

If you suspect the cable is at fault, try to use another cable. Connect them firmly between the player and the TV. If the video appears back, replace the faulty cable immediately.

TV is the suspect: 

To further rule out other causes, please connect the Roku Streaming Player. To other available inputs on the TV to single out connector issues. If possible, you may even try to connect to another TV in the household to check for TV problems.

Reconnect :

Try to pull out the Cable plugs on both sides and make a fresh attempt to plug the cable back again.

If you still facing issues on Roku Streaming Player: Ask Questions for support.