Roku Player Setup and Troubleshooting

Resolve Roku Player Setup and Troubleshooting issues:

Sometimes Roku Name or Logo is kept dancing on your TV screen.

  • If Roku is jumping on your screen then you need to press an okay button from your Roku remote setup.

    Resolve Roku Player Setup A warning comes up, unable to connect to the internet or gives you an error code 011…?

  • It means the password you are trying to put is not correct. so you need to put the password correct and then it will be connected with your internet.

    Your password is not compatible with the Roku player.

  • If Roku gives you warning like that your password is not compatible then you need to change the security type of your password then it will work.

    Don’t know how to connect the cables to the streamer and your HD/SD TV. Our tech experts can help you with it.

  • If you are using Roku 3 then you need to connect your Roku with HDMI cable either you can connect with the three different colored cables.

    Roku player keeps giving you an activation code. It can be activated by visiting and we can help you in activating Netflix, Facebook, and other channels on your player so you can watch unlimited movies, TV shows and videos on your TV.

  • If your Roku player is giving a code to you, again and again, there must be several reasons.
  • first, you are taking a long time.
  • Second, the software is not being downloaded completely so you need to put this code in the appropriate time.
  • Then your Roku will work or either you can link our Roku from your Roku account.
  • For this you need to click on my account then scroll down the page you will see an option for the link a device.
  • Next, you will see the place to enter the code
  • Then you can enter a new code and your Roku will link. in a similar way, you can connect your new Roku with your already existing Roku account.Roku Account is not recognizing your email address and password OR you have forgotten your Roku email and password.
  • If you are getting a problem with your Roku email address and password then there must be several issues possible first you not have an account with Roku or you are putting the wrong email address or password for the Roku you need to recover your password then you can access your Roku account.Netflix trial has been expired and you are no longer able to watch movies and TV shows on Netflix.
  • If Netflix is not working on your TV then there are several issues….first, you don’t have money on the card..second your card which is linked with Netflix has been expired. Third, maybe, by mistake, you did cancel the account.Unable to access Face book, YouTube and some other channels. They are giving code to put it on your PC.
  • You are trying to access YouTube, Facebook on your TV but all the time while accessing it’s giving a code to you so you have to link your Facebook account with your television and then your Facebook will work on your TV and you have to do similar with the YouTube.New Roku Player Remote is not responding or working.
  • Roku remote is not working and your screen is struct on the language so it doesn’t mean that your remote cells are week in this you need to make a pairing of your Roku remote.there is a purple-colored button just near to the batteries you need to press that button for the 4 to 5 seconds then your remote will be get paired with your television.Don’t know how to update the WiFi router password in your Roku player.
  • You have changed the password of your WiFi and your Roku is giving an error not connected with the internet. You need to connect your Roku player with the internet again. Then you need to go in the setting then need to go in the wi-fi from there you need to go to your wireless name. Finally, you can connect your Roku with the internet again then it will work.Your wireless router name is not showing up on your TV screen in order to connect your Roku player with your wireless router.
  • If you are not getting your wireless name on your router then there may be two reasons first the WiFi of your router is off we need to on that wifi from your router then you would be able to see your router’s name on your television after that you can connect Roku with the internet then setup and enjoy your Roku. 

    No signal is showing up on the TV screen.

    • Now you are facing a problem that you are not getting signal on your Roku. Then there may be two reasons either your Roku is far away from your wireless router. It has crossed all the range of router so that’s why you are unable to get signals on your television. Second is that your router is not on you need to on your router. in the first case, we can try to increase the channels of your router and then try to connect your Roku with the internet.


    Power light is not showing up on your streamer.

    • You are not getting power on your Roku player then there must be a few reasons.
    • First, the power cable is not connected properly reconnect the power cable again.
    • Secondly, the power cable is not right.
    • Third, you are not getting power from your wall socket.


    Trying to activate your Roku from the PC and unable to open the page and it taking you somewhere else.

    • Now Roku is connected with the internet and now your Roku is giving a code to you. You are not getting the right place to put this code?.it says you again for downloading and you need not download anything on your are trying your best for putting to code but you are not getting the right place where to put this code. you need to type the address in the to in the address bar then you will be able to find the place where you need to put this code and after that, you need to create your account.


    Need assistance in resetting the password of Roku, Netflix, Hulu, red box or any other channel?

    • You are trying to change the plan of any channel and you wanted to deactivate the plan but you don’t know the password for your account. So you need to recover the password. Then you can enter your account and then you can update your account and review your account.

    It Says on the screen from any internet device, go to and enter this code.

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