Roku Link Code Activation – Installation Process

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There are certain basic requirements that users need to keep in mind before they move on with the installation process and getting the Roku link code activation.

  1. A standard TV or HD TV. If users want to play HD movies and shows, then they need to have an HD TV.
  2. Any of the five versions of Roku (Roku 1, 2, 3, Roku HD and Roku stick).
  3. A wired or wireless internet connection.
  4. A device or devices that are connected to the internet.

Steps to follow: Roku Link Code Activation


First Step:  The first step would be to connect the Roku player with TV. The modern-day TVs come with HDMI slots, so users need to connect the Roku through HDMI ports. After that, they need to select the relevant HDMI option on the TV. In order to move ahead with the installation process.

Second Step:  After that, it’s time to select the right language and connect the device to the internet. Usually, the device has the latest software, but if it’s not, then get the latest software and activate the Roku player by visiting the www Roku com link.

Third Step: Once all these steps have been performed, users need to update their Roku players and reboot them in order to see the changes. This won’t take too much time as well.

Fourth Step: Users are going to see options like Watch YouTube, HBO TV, WWE Network, Hulu, ESPN, Netflix, and more. In order to activate the Roku player, users need to log on to the Roku com link and enter the code or get it.

After getting the activation code for the Roku player, users can go online from any device, let it be a computer, laptop or smartphone.


Step Five:  They need to type in the address bar. They will see a webpage where they will enter the Roku link enter code and hit submit.

Six-Step:  After the Roku com link code enter, users need to create their personal Roku account that includes filling the name, email address, and other information. Once this information has been filled, users can hit submit.

Seven Step: Users can choose a four-digit PIN in order to protect the account. This PIN will allow users to add paid channels into their Roku.

Eight Step:  After creating this PIN, users will see a menu for their billing and card information. This part can be skipped if users don’t want to fill it at that particular time. They can even call on our technical support in order to know more about it.

Ninth Step:  Users will also be able to add or activate Pandora, Netflix, Hulu, HBO, and more. Once all the channels are selected, users can hit continue.

Now, users are good to go. They can stream anything they want and watch their favorite content without any issue. If they find any problem in any of the above-mentioned points, they can call on our Roku support number.

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