Why Roku error code 018 occurs?

Roku error code 018 will occur when your Roku device detects slow internet speeds. Make sure you check with your ISP to know what speed connection you have subscribed to. You can upgrade to a better internet connection.

Roku Error 018 is a common error faced by people while watching streaming their favorite tv show. To enjoy your show, you need to remove this error.

How to remove this Roku 018 error code?

  • Check the primary network connection.
  • The first step is that you should check that your internet connection is working perfectly and all the devices are receiving signals. It could be a device like a smart tv or Roku device.
  • The main reason is not connecting to the internet.
  • If your devices are not connecting with the wireless network, you can use an Ethernet cable to connect them to the router.

Roku TV Error code 018 – Common Error Messages displayed on the Roku Screen due to Poor Connectivity:

• Unable to connect to the wireless network: this is a type of error message which displays when you try to connect your Roku device to a network and it did not receive any signal or not able to establish a connection with your home network.

How to Fix a Roku that Won’t Connect to the Internet

• Not connected to the internet: You are enjoying your show or movie with your family and due to some reason, your internet service provider is not working. Due to this, you can also display it on your screen.

• Loading please wait: with the launch of the channel, you will lose network connection then it displays an error message “loading please wait”

Resolve how to get a fast internet connection for your error code 018

1. Take your internet speed test
2. Make sure your browser and OS is updated
3. Check for background activities
4. Browser tweaks for faster internet surfing
5. DNS hack for speeding up the internet
6. Stop torrent downloading and uploading
7. Free up the unnecessarily used space
8. Scan and remove adware

Why you need a fast internet connection to avoid Roku error code 018?

We recommend you connect your Roku tv or Roku streaming player to a high-speed internet connection for getting the best quality possible. It won’t interrupt when you stream movies and tv shows.

All the Roku streaming devices work well with all home broadband services like fiber, cable internet, or DSL. If you want to stream movies and tv shows in high picture quality like 4K or 4K ultra HD then you would require even more internet speed. You can contact your ISP for this or ask Roku com support about this.


• If things are going worse, you can check your channel providers like Netflix, Hulu, etc.
• Never use mobile hotspots as they are not reliable as compared to home broadband.

What is our Final Opinion for you Regarding this Roku Error 018?

The final opinion is to follow the above rules an get rid of Roku error code 018. But if things are not working in your favor, we would recommend you to comment below.