Keep getting roku error code 014.11

Roku Error 014.11: How To Connect Roku To Your Wi-Fi Network

• Error code Roku –  You should unplug your router from electricity. After some gap or rest of a few seconds, you should plug in the router once again.

• You should restart the Roku and try again

• If the Roku device has an ethernet cord, Roku Error code 014.11 then the code will tell that the wire is not working properly. This is the time for a replacement of wire.

What is Roku Error Code 014.11 on Roku?

If you see an error code on Roku message “Roku error code 014.11” on your Roku device, this means that your device has been affected by the famous error code 014.11. This simply means that Roku cannot connect to the wireless network because you have typed the incorrect password for your network.

Check that you are using the right wireless password for your network and you are using the right network.

Roku Error 014.11

The simple step you can do is reboot the router by unplugging it from the power source and plug it back. Also, change the routers wireless security mode to WPA-PSK. This will resolve your error code 014.11 on Roku.

How to Choose the Correct Name of the Network & Password?

·   Enter the right name of your wireless network- TCLUSA You must select a wireless network that is right and perfect because choosing the wrong one can cause an issue with your wireless network connection to fail.

This is a major reason for Roku error code 014.11 if you are sure that your Roku is connected with the right network, find your wireless network name with the help of Roku com support.

Error Code 014.11 on Roku Call now for troubleshooting

·Enter the password correctly- If you are sure about your wireless password, but still it’s not working then reenter it. It is easy to make a mistake entering your password, and remember that network passwords are case sensitive.

Enter capital letters by using the shift key on the keyboard. If you don’t know the right password, read the blog carefully for finding your wireless network password.

If the Issue still occurs – Resolving connectivity Issues for Roku Error

· error code 014.11– Error codes Restart your Roku device and your router.

· Proceeding your Roku player, go to settings>system>system restart. Also to solve error 014.11 error on Roku, unplug the Roku device from the power source and wait for a few moments & reconnect it.

Error code 014.11 on roku

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