For  account activation follow the below steps:

  • The first very step is to open any of the web browsers like chrome, Mozilla in your device (laptop, computer, mobile phone)
  • Type the in the web browser
  • When you see the page, enter the Roku activation code there
  • Login to your Roku account and if you don’t have an account the
  • Choose the “create a new account”
  • You must have to enter the first name, last name and also the e-mail     address
  • After that, insert the strong password and also verify it
  •  Now, you have to create a secure PIN in order to protect your account
  • Now, select the payment methods. Generally, credit card number, debit cards, and the pay pal
  • So, now you are able to use the Roku channel store for future purchases
  • Moreover, you can only charged if you purchase any paid channel
  • So, in this way you can easily activate your account.


Roku com link setup using enter Roku code

Before performing the Roku setup, you need to have following things

  • Power outlet, internet connection, and HDMI cable
  • Proper video cable for connecting Roku to your TV
  • Fast speed internet connection for the quality and performance of Roku device otherwise it creates obstacles in your entertainment

Roku com link setup steps

  • Check out the provided audio/video type connection available in your TV is Composite, Component or the HDMI type
  • If your TV supports HDMI connections then use the HDMI cable otherwise use the composite cable. Note that, these days every TV support the HDMI
  • Detect the HDMI port in your TV
  • Inject the one edge of HDMI port to your Roku and another edge to your TV
  • Now, associate the power cable to the Roku streaming player and associate the power adapter into the wall outlet
  • After that, take away the Roku remote from the Roku box
  • Open the battery lid of your remote
  • Inject the AA power batteries into Roku remote. Always inject it from the negative (-) side
  • Now, it’s time to switch on your Roku player. Once Roku gets on, the Roku displays the Roku logo on your TV screen
  • If you are unable to see the Roku logo then
  • Check out that whether the power plug and power connection works properly or not?
  • Check whether you are selecting the correct input or not?
  • Check the HDMI connection with TV and Roku
  • Now, it’s time for the language selection, so select it accordingly and wait for another page to load up
  • Moreover, the very next step is to detect the available internet type connection. It is either wireless or the cable
  • A wireless connection requires to use the valid WIFI name and the password whereas the wired network use some cable connections like Ethernet cable
  • So, whenever asked for the network connection, select the appropriate network- wired or wireless
  • Once you choose the network, Roku player downloads and installs the software
  • Once the software installation gets complete, the Roku player will reboot
  • Now, Roku restarts and shows you the start-up screen
  • So, endure your devices like computers and laptops and insert the URL in the address bar
  • After performing all the above steps, the very next important step is to enter Roku activation code shown in com/link and hit the submit button
  • Now, using the Roku activation code, set up the new Roku account
  • After that, log in to your Roku account and then put up the payment information
  • You can also do the channel customization from here
  • Finally, your Roku player is now ready to use

For further information about Roku activation, Roku setup, just enter info under Form:


Here, you can get some easy tips in order to activate your Roku streaming device at and start relishing your cherished shows and movie channels.

Well, Roku is a wonderful streaming device using which you can watch your beloved channels from your home. However, it’s very simple and easy to setup Roku streaming device but sometimes Roku setup becomes very challenging. As there are several Roku users who confront these challenges once a day because of the absence of understanding of how to setup these devices.

So, it’s very imperative to understand these devices and also the process of setup to utilize Roku products to its extreme capacity. Hence, in this website, we will help you to understand it in a better way.

Here is the list of all models that you can purchase.

  • Roku Express/Roku Express+
  • Roku Premiere/ Roku Premiere+
  • The Roku Streaming Stick
  • Roku Ultra
  • Roku TV and
  • Earlier versions: Roku 1, Roku 2, Roku 3 and Roku 4

Common features of all Roku models

  • Capability to use app where you need to log in
  • Roku mobile app is available
  • Explore multiple contents
  • Alternative buttons on the remote
  • 1080 HD support

Hence, if you are having any of the above models and if you are facing troubles during Roku activation, Roku setup then why you are wasting your valuable time. Just mount from your place and go to the correct place for your help.

Common Problems Arises During Roku Setup and at www.Roku.Com/Link

  • Internet connectivity issues
  • Login issues
  • Roku error codes (001, 003, 009, 011 and 014)
  • Roku link code issues
  • Upgrade issues
  • No signal is showing on TV
  • Playback issues
  • Username and password is fluttering
  • Difficult to reach
  • Roku player is not showing the activation link code
  • Not able to stream cherished content
  • Problems with channels
  • Unable to enter the Roku activation code

We Provide Assistance For

  • So, here are some problems for which we provide full support
  • Netflix error
  • Unable to access Facebook
  • Setting up a new Roku player with your device (TV, LED, LCD)
  • Roku error codes 001, 011, 009, 003, 013, 014
  • No flashing light on Roku player
  • Problems with Roku activation
  • Impotent to play games
  • Frequent re-buffering
  • Issues while connecting Roku to the internet
  • Unable to register yourself in the Roku account
  • Problem with Roku remote
  • Roku name and Roku logo flying on the TV screen
  • How to upgrade all software’s on your Roku player
  • Netflix showing a black screen
  • Guidelines to get new Roku code
  • Unable to access Netflix on iPads and iPods


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