How To Troubleshoot Internet Connection Issues In Your Roku Player & Roku player freezes?

There are various reasons for the Roku player freezes to be in a non-functional state. Out of all the issues, the issue related to a bad internet connection is perhaps the most common one. There could be a number of reasons behind the bad connection between a Roku player and the internet network. So, what are we going to do in this blog post is, we will get to know about all the issues related to the internet along with their possible solution(s). So, read this blog carefully or else you won’t be able to get your troubleshoot your Roku player.

Resolve Issue #1: No internet connection ( Troubleshoot Internet Connection in Roku)

If you see no internet connection, then you have to open the menu of your Roku player and go to the main page. There, you will see the channel listing. You have got nothing to do with the channel listing, but you need to go to the settings option. In the settings option, you have to select the Network, which will be followed by your Ethernet or wireless connection. If you choose the wireless network, then you will be asked to enter the password. so if you know it, just enter it there. You have to keep in mind that the passwords are case sensitive.

Resolved Issue #2: Wireless connection keeps dropping

If you see your wireless connection getting dropped quite often, then you have to unplug the power cable from your Roku player and from the modem. After a few seconds, plug the cables back into the Roku player, modem and all other devices that you think are important to make the connection. In the next step, you need to plug in the power cable of the router and the Roku player. You need to turn on the TV and see if you get any image or not. If you do, then you have to reconnect to your wireless network. This will rectify this issue. If it doesn’t, then you need to take the help of the Roku support providers.

Resolved Issue #3: Roku player freezes while connecting to a network

This is another issue that is very annoying, i.e., Roku player keeps on freezing when trying to hook it up on an internet network. To get rid of the Roku player freezes issue, you need to go to the homepage of your Roku player and select settings. There you will see the option of ‘factory reset’. So, it all depends upon the firmware of your Roku player that whether you are required to go through an additional page after choosing settings option or not. If there isn’t any other page to go through, then you need to press the factory reset option. If there is one more page to browse, then you have to go-to systems and then, choose the factory reset option finally. Then you can easily set up Roku in the right way. I think you know how to set up Roku.

Resolve Issues related to the bad internet connection

These were the issues related to the bad internet connection, but there are four more issues that I want you to know. These are Roku remote not working. This issue can arise due to a number of reasons, but the most common one is related to the presence of multiple devices. Around the remote and Roku player.

There is another issue that can bring your entertainment to a stand-still is the Roku error code 011. When you see this error code, it means that there has been trouble in getting your Roku player connected to the main server for an update.

The problem related to Roku HDCP unauthorized has also become a lot more common in the past recent days. This issue can only be fixed by professional technical support.

Being a Roku expert, we would advise you to unplug the device and wait for a few seconds. Again plug it and hopefully, the device would work fine. 

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