How To Setup Roku Device

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  1. It says that linking your Roku account with Roku is easy by using But there is a step by step process to set up your Roku Player.
  2. Before linking your account with Roku player you should have:
  3. A Standard or HD LED/LCD TV
  4. An Internet Connection, A router,
  5. Router Security Key or Password to connect it with Roku player and a Netflix account if you want to watch.

Steps that you need to follow to do the Roku Device setup.

1: Connect your Roku Player with Your Standard or HD LED/LCD TV

2: Pick your TV remote, Press Source/Input button, and select HDMI 1, 2 or 3 wherever Roku is connected with your TV HDMI Port.
3: Now select the English Language on your TV.
4: Select the option “Connect to a Network” and Select Wireless.
5: Find your wireless Name/SSID and Select it from the list.

6: Put your Wireless Router Password/Security Key.
7: Upgrade your Roku Software.
8: Go to on your computer and activate your Roku Player by entering the given code.
9: Screen will automatically Update after setup is complete from the PC.
10: Now You are ready to stream movies and TV Shows. Press OK button, Go to my channels and Access Netflix or any other channel.

11. If you want to use NETFLIX then go to My Channels and Select Netflix.
12. Select an option Yes you are a member of Netflix (If you are)
13: Now Put your Netflix Email address.
14: Now put your Netflix Password.
15: Now you are ready to Go. Start Happy Streaming.

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