How Can You Arrange Your Favorite Channels In New Roku App?

The new version rolled out by the Roku for all the android and iPhone users. It mainly includes an onscreen remote that looks like an original remote, ‘what’s on’ tab for finding the stuff more quickly and easily you want to stream. Another astounding feature included in this update is the ‘channel list’ on screen. This is done to ease the users so that they can directly cast the contents from the home screen. All the channels in a list are aligned in a grid. You can easily switch between the contents of different channels from your Home screen. The Roku setup process however remained the same in this new app. Yes, if you are facing any difficulty in setting up your Roku device, then you can go to ‘how to set up Roku’ link from the official Roku webpage. All the steps and complete guide is available on the link.

In a new app, you might have noticed that there is no clear way to re-arrange the channel icons but if you move your cursor over the channel and tap on it, then you will find different options like rate and remove on it. If you are searching for a ‘move’ option, then it will be disappointed for you because there is no such option available for you.

Arrange Your Favorite Channels in New Roku App

Now, we have tried to provide a solution to this problem and going to discuss it through steps. You must read all the steps carefully and try to implement them on your device.

  1. The very first and foremost step to arrange the channel is; click on the particular channel you want to move from the channel list after searching it out. Don’t select it but just highlight the channel with the help of remote. Move the cursor to the channel to highlight it.
  2. From your Roku remote, press the asterisk button. It will open many ‘options’ in front of your device screen. Select the ‘Move’ option from here.
  3. Now with the help of a directional pad, you can place the channel anywhere you want to on the screen.
  4. Once you feel satisfied with the order of the channel list, click on ‘ok’ to confirm. Repeat if necessary.

The changes done by you will immediately get reflected on the app. if you have not found any changes on the screen, then close the app and start it again. Here I want to mention to you that if you want to delete any channel from the list, then the same process can be followed. Just long-press on the channel and click on the ‘delete’ option. If you are not able to cast the content on the TV screen, then this must be due to a Roku problem. Your Roku link code might not be entered correctly. To get a new code, click on the Roku link enter code link and get it displayed on the screen.

Note: You can’t delete or move the channels available on the top rows, which are sponsored by Roku itself. These two apps are different on two different devices.