How To Access YouTube On Roku Without Any Issue?

Access YouTube On Roku

People who wish to access youtube on roku or watch high quality movies and TV shows log onto YouTube. But YouTube is not present on Roku platform. So, how are they going to use it? Well, the answer to this question is explained below in the blog post. Go check out and get YouTube for your Roku device.

Though Roku has more than 700 channels, but there is one main channel. That is missing from the lot, i.e., YouTube.

YouTube has an enormous presence on the digital world just like Samsung Smart TV or Apple TV. The only thing that is depriving YouTube to be incorporated into the Roku platform, i.e. The User Interface that YouTube works on. YouTube works on HTML and it is not considering to build an app for YouTube any soon.

YouTube is an integral part of any streaming device and its absence from the top streaming devices. Such as Roku has made it difficult for even 3rd party developers as well. There are no 3rd party YouTube channels present up to this date. But, that doesn’t mean the videos from YouTube can’t be watched. There is a way by which people can easily watch videos from YouTube on Roku.

There is a software application named Twonky, which people can use to watch videos from YouTube on Roku. The process is a lot different than what people may think. They won’t be able to browse videos from YouTube on Roku. But instead, they can select the videos on their smartphones or tablets and beam them to their television. A great thing about Twonky is that it works spectacularly well with Roku.

People just need to install Roku channel and an application on their smartphone or tablets.

  1. People need to go to www Roku com link on their PCs or smartphones. It is important for them to sign in to their Roku account. After that, a simple form will be presented to them in which an option will be given to add the Roku link code activation. It is important to add the code, otherwise you won’t be able to proceed further with the set up process.
  2. There are many channels, which haven’t been approved by Roku, but can still be installed in the Roku. So, you can easily add MyTwonky on your Roku.
  3. You have to browse settings, then go to player info. Then click on the option that says, ‘check for update’. The Twonky channel, which you have added online can now be installed easily. Now, you can update it and go back to My Channels where you will find Twonky channel. You can now connect your smartphone or tablet to the wireless network on which your Roku device is also connected. Then, you can download Twonky beam app for your Android and iOS devices.
  4. There are a few issues that may arise while accessing these non-conventional apps like Twonky such as Roku remote not working or a plethora of other error codes. So, to avoid such issues, it is important to get in touch with the tech support provided by Roku. Roku help is the only way to get you out of the problem.
  5. There are Roku error code 001, 003, 011, 014, which are quite common in Roku devices, so for these issues. You will have to get the assistance of Roku help and support providers.
  6. Sometimes, with the installation of third party apps, Roku installation suffers, so you need to make sure that Roku set up is intact. So, how are you going to determine that Roku setup is not proper? Well, you can go to Roku com link for that.

At last, there is just one issue that you need to take care of, i.e., HDCP unauthorized content disabled. This can also ruin your movies and TV shows watching experience.